My First Day of School

Everyone is always excited on their first day of school. They get to meet their old friends and make new ones. Sometimes, you will notice things that may have changed now that you are more grownup than the last time you’ve met.

Wednesday, June 14th, I woke up excited to see my friends and teachers. I am now in 6th grade! I still couldn’t believe it! I ate my breakfast as fast as I could and went to school with my dad. “I sure will miss summer!” It’s the first thought that came to myself. But I remembered that school is very important for me, especially now that I’m growing older.

It was a bit strange, walking through the gate, going to my new classroom, meeting my old friends and finding out who belong to the same class with me… knowing that this will be my last school year in MMIS (assuming that I won’t enroll here for High School). Next year will be the beginning of another adventure. But this year I will make the best out of it. After all, this is the beginning of the end of my elementary years.