I’m a WCOPA Registered Delegate!

OK, I have been MIA for several months now. It’s just that school has made me so busy lately that I didn’t have time to update my blog anymore. But I have a good news which I’m so excited to share!

Last November 18, 2017, I auditioned for the World Championships of Performing Arts –  Team Philippines. It was such a thrilling experience. I got to see Jed Madela! He is a famous Filipino singer, and very popular in our country.


Jed Madela was one of the judges during the audition, together with the WCOPA National Director, Tito Gerry Mercado (he is not my uncle, he just wants us to call him ‘Tito’) and his wife, Jed Madela’s talent manager, Tita Annie Mercado (again, she is not my aunt, she just wants us to call her ‘Tita’). =D

Guess what? I got a call back!


I am really happy because this is my first time to have a call back! I’ve had a few audition experience before but I never had a call back… so you can imagine how excited and happy I felt that time when I got this slip!

We needed to raise funds to help cover the costs for this event, because it’s not financed by the Philippine government. The amount needed is quite substantial, that’s why I am nervous until now because we are not yet sure if we can afford it.

But I am grateful to all those who have supported me so far, without whom I wouldn’t be able to register as an official WCOPA delegate. As of this writing, we are just less than 20% of our target funds. So if you know someone who can be my sponsor, please leave a comment. =)

WCOPA cert

Praying that everything will fall into place. =)

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