My First Outdoor Camping: An Epic Fail

School-related camping is one of the most exciting things that we could experience in our lives. We can do educational and fun activities, and spend time with our friends and teachers. Of course, you would always think that it would be perfect — however, there are so many things that could happen which would make it a total disaster. In fact, my very first supposed outdoor camping for Girl Scout of the Philippines was a total epic fail.

Early morning of our camping day, I was all prepared and excited. My mom told me to be very careful, to always stay with my troop, listen to the teachers, don’t go away from the camping area (the usual reminders), and to have fun. My dad dropped me off to school where the bus was waiting. I found my scout mates and we talked about our expectations about camp. Obviously, all of us are excited and looking forward to all the fun that we were about to have.

Our camping location was in Carmen, a town northeast of Cebu. On the way, we stopped by Jollibee to eat our lunch.

After the drive, we arrived at peaceful place, the rest house of our school headmistress’ family, Ms. Mia Villamor-Young. There were a lot of trees and and it was located beside the beach. We then explored around and put up our tents. We did some fun activities, and everybody was just so happy!

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Until it started to rain. The rain began slow and gradually poured heavily, and the teachers instructed us to get inside our tents.

When the rain stopped, we cooked our dinner and had a break time. So I went to my friends’ tent and played games there. Suddenly it began to rain hard again and everything was ruined — our tents and stuff included. The grown-ups decided to cancel the outdoor camp and move us inside the house. But I thought the house was not big enough to accommodate all of us. So I called my parents who were on their way to visit to just bring me back home. Most of my other friends also went home with their parents.

It as my first outdoor camping experience, and it was a total epic fail.

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