Dolls: Our Best Friends

Dolls are girls’ best friends. They are there to cheer you up when you are feeling sad. They are there to play with you when no one else will. But as the little girls grow up, they start to ignore their dolls and feel embarrassed about playing with them.

When I was a little girl, I really loved to play with my dolls. My dad used to take me doll shopping (yes, he loves me like that) whenever he wanted to reward me for being a good girl. Some of my dolls I got as gifts from my Ninangs and Ninongs and my parents’ friends.

I love to collect dolls. I have Barbie dolls from Barbie movies such as Merliah Summers from Barbie In a Mermaid Tale, Blaire from Barbie: Princess Charm School, Tori from Barbie: The Princess and The Popstar, Courtney from Barbie in Rock n’ Royals, Barbie from Barbie: A Fashion Fairytale, and other Barbie dolls from non-Barbie movies.

I also have Disney princesses dolls like Elsa & Anna of FrozenCinderella, PocahontasAurora from Sleeping BeautyRapunzel of TangledMerida of Brave, and Ariel of The Little Mermaid. And I also have some from Ever After High like Apple White and Farrah Good Fairy. I have other dolls too which are not famous because they aren’t characters from movies or TV shows.

I love all of my dolls! In fact, I often bring them with me during school parties so I can share them with my friends, and we would play together. But now that we are big kids , we start to feel like it’s too embarrassing to still be playing with dolls. And so we tend to forget our childhood favorite toy.

There were times when I am ashamed to be seen playing with my dolls. But I have to admit that I still love to play with them until now. I realized that dolls are the greatest most loyal friends we’ll ever have in our lives. Dolls are our BFF — because they can’t talk and so they could not hurt you with their words, and they are just there when you need them.

Dolls are our best friends.


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