My Theater Experience

Like everyone else, I have a talent. I like to sing, dance, and act. So I joined the Little Boy Productions’ musical theater summer workshop. I really had a great time there. It taught me a lot of lessons, and I learned a lot. It’s just a sad thing that it has to end so soon. I really miss my friends.

Theater Workshop

One of the fun activities during the workshop. Photo grabbed from Cebu Literary Festival Facebook page.

During my first day, I had to try two classes: one for the kids 4 to 11 years old, and the other is for those 12 and above. See, I think they could not decide right away which category they should put me in. I am only 10, but I could also pass for a teen. So the coordinator made a suggestion for me to try both, and let me decide which group I would feel comfortable learning with. I personally thought both classes were fun , but I ultimately decided, that since I am already a big girl, I should be with the teens.

Theater 1

See how much fun I’m having here?Photo grabbed from Cebu Literary Festival Facebook page.

I kept thinking that the theater workshop  would be so strict, because that was what my mom and dad told me. But actually, it was very fun and full of interesting people and friendly teachers. We played a lot of games, which by the I way I enjoyed so much, and learned a lot of things about theater singing and acting, including dancing (which I still need to improve on). It was the most wonderful experience I’ve ever had this summer.

Theater 3

Mirror game. We need to copy what the other is doing like a reflection. Photo grabbed from Cebu Literary Festival Facebook page.

We did a mini-show as our recital after 15 days of fun learning. The show was wonderful, and bittersweet, because that was the end of the workshop.  We said our goodbyes to each other. I was really sad to not anymore see my friends, but I will always remember our memorable moments during the workshop together. And I will always be thankful for this beautiful experience.

Theater 4

Learning is surely fun! Photo grabbed from Cebu Literary Festival Facebook page.

Theater 5

Tableau. Photo grabbed from Cebu Literary Festival Facebook page.

And I am looking forward to another fun-filled theater experience next summer. I am still hoping that there will be another one this year though! =)


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