My First Day of School

Everyone is always excited on their first day of school. They get to meet their old friends and make new ones. Sometimes, you will notice things that may have changed now that you are more grownup than the last time you’ve met.

Wednesday, June 14th, I woke up excited to see my friends and teachers. I am now in 6th grade! I still couldn’t believe it! I ate my breakfast as fast as I could and went to school with my dad. “I sure will miss summer!” It’s the first thought that came to myself. But I remembered that school is very important for me, especially now that I’m growing older.

It was a bit strange, walking through the gate, going to my new classroom, meeting my old friends and finding out who belong to the same class with me… knowing that this will be my last school year in MMIS (assuming that I won’t enroll here for High School). Next year will be the beginning of another adventure. But this year I will make the best out of it. After all, this is the beginning of the end of my elementary years.


Summer 2017 Trip To Boracay

Boracay is a famous tourist spot in the Philippines. A lot of people go there for vacation. Of course, you would expect the place to be picture-perfect, but don’t expect too much.

We had a vacation in Iloilo this summer for 3 days. After the 3rd day, we went to Boracay. It was a very long drive. It took us 6 hours because we took Antique road when we finally arrived in Caticlan Jetty Port. There we rode a pump boat going to the island.


When we arrived at the island, I saw many houses and buildings, which I wasn’t expecting. It’s been a long time since I last had a vacation there, and there are so many changes already. To my dismay, the beach was filled with algae by the time we went there, and I really felt disappointed because what I was expecting was to see pristine clear waters.


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My First Outdoor Camping: An Epic Fail

School-related camping is one of the most exciting things that we could experience in our lives. We can do educational and fun activities, and spend time with our friends and teachers. Of course, you would always think that it would be perfect — however, there are so many things that could happen which would make it a total disaster. In fact, my very first supposed outdoor camping for Girl Scout of the Philippines was a total epic fail.

Early morning of our camping day, I was all prepared and excited. My mom told me to be very careful, to always stay with my troop, listen to the teachers, don’t go away from the camping area (the usual reminders), and to have fun. My dad dropped me off to school where the bus was waiting. I found my scout mates and we talked about our expectations about camp. Obviously, all of us are excited and looking forward to all the fun that we were about to have.

Our camping location was in Carmen, a town northeast of Cebu. On the way, we stopped by Jollibee to eat our lunch.

After the drive, we arrived at peaceful place, the rest house of our school headmistress’ family, Ms. Mia Villamor-Young. There were a lot of trees and and it was located beside the beach. We then explored around and put up our tents. We did some fun activities, and everybody was just so happy!

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Sibling Love

All siblings fight, but no doubt love each other. I myself have a baby brother — and believe me when I say that he can be very annoying — but when I look into those cute big eyes, I just can’t resist him… and wanna hug him so tight. I bet that’s how all siblings love one another.

When it was my 7th birthday, I wished that I would have a sibling, so I won’t be lonely at home. Then a few months later, my mom gave birth to a baby boy. They named him Zaviel Beaux (pronounced as Zav-yel Bo), and we call him Yeshua.

The happiest day of my life was when he was born, I was super excited that I told my dad to hurry to the hospital.

Now, my brother is 2 years old (almost 3) and I am 10. We always fight, but we find a way to get along, and we will never forget that we are each other’s best friend forever.

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Dolls: Our Best Friends

Dolls are girls’ best friends. They are there to cheer you up when you are feeling sad. They are there to play with you when no one else will. But as the little girls grow up, they start to ignore their dolls and feel embarrassed about playing with them.

When I was a little girl, I really loved to play with my dolls. My dad used to take me doll shopping (yes, he loves me like that) whenever he wanted to reward me for being a good girl. Some of my dolls I got as gifts from my Ninangs and Ninongs and my parents’ friends.

I love to collect dolls. I have Barbie dolls from Barbie movies such as Merliah Summers from Barbie In a Mermaid Tale, Blaire from Barbie: Princess Charm School, Tori from Barbie: The Princess and The Popstar, Courtney from Barbie in Rock n’ Royals, Barbie from Barbie: A Fashion Fairytale, and other Barbie dolls from non-Barbie movies.

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My Theater Experience

Like everyone else, I have a talent. I like to sing, dance, and act. So I joined the Little Boy Productions’ musical theater summer workshop. I really had a great time there. It taught me a lot of lessons, and I learned a lot. It’s just a sad thing that it has to end so soon. I really miss my friends.

Theater Workshop

One of the fun activities during the workshop. Photo grabbed from Cebu Literary Festival Facebook page.

During my first day, I had to try two classes: one for the kids 4 to 11 years old, and the other is for those 12 and above. See, I think they could not decide right away which category they should put me in. I am only 10, but I could also pass for a teen. So the coordinator made a suggestion for me to try both, and let me decide which group I would feel comfortable learning with. I personally thought both classes were fun , but I ultimately decided, that since I am already a big girl, I should be with the teens.

Theater 1

See how much fun I’m having here?Photo grabbed from Cebu Literary Festival Facebook page.

I kept thinking that the theater workshop  would be so strict, because that was what my mom and dad told me. But actually, it was very fun and full of interesting people and friendly teachers. We played a lot of games, which by the I way I enjoyed so much, and learned a lot of things about theater singing and acting, including dancing (which I still need to improve on). It was the most wonderful experience I’ve ever had this summer.

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